About Me

Colour and texture are key to my work. Painting gives me such pleasure and I hope that my work will give pleasure to others.
I work from my studio in Montpellier Cheltenham. While I did not receive formal art school training I’m always keen to work with and learn from other artists.

My work is inspired by my surroundings. The Regency buildings and colourful parks and trees of Cheltenham have provided plenty of ideas as I have developed my own style. Now I have time to travel and to paint a wider variety of subjects but I continue to find myself drawn to the built environment alongside the natural world and the use of vibrant colour and interesting textures.

I experiment and make mistakes every day and it is when these ‘accidents’ turn out well and can be repeated that I know I’m on the right track. A camera and notebook are always with me and these images provide the basis of my work. I’m happiest when experimenting with different media to create new and interesting effects that will leave my subject recognizable but with space for the imagination.

Following a number of highly successful solo exhibitions I was shortlisted for the Artists and Illustrators magazine, Artist of the Year Award and exhibited at the Mall Galleries in January 2015.

I’m now enjoying a successful career as an artist and most of my work is sold through Whitewall Galleries across the UK and on cruise liners.